Daisy the Great Make The Summertime “Easy” With New Single

A relationship usually ends in three chapters. Chapter one begins at the conclusion, where you grapple between holding on tighter while inhaling the dust until it eventually clogs up your lungs. After sifting through the pages, Chapter two impels you into the cut, the part that magnetizes you onto opposite poles, where you both write the finale to your pipe dream. Chapter Three is usually the part where we put the book down as it is a time left unspoken–a time where you sit there, replaying the record in your brain, digging yourself into a bottomless pit of uncertainty. It’s a vulnerable time, one that needs to be read, recognized, and accepted in order to persevere. In their newest single “Easy,” Daisy the Great softly reads that chapter for us.

Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker are genre bending artists who joined hands, almost accidentally, while attending New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. As students, they stumbled upon a conjoining project in which they were to compose a musical about a fictitious band. The seamless duo found that what they were envisioning could be put forth into motion, enter Daisy the Great.

Cover Art for “Easy”

Creating a sound so silky yet rustic, Daisy the Great birthed their first LP, “I’m Not Getting Any Taller” in 2017. Since then, the partnership has graced listeners with the quarantine creation EP “Soft Songs,” which catapulted them out of TikTok to join the rest of their current band– Matt Lau, Bernardo Ochoa, Matti Dunietz, and Brie Archer.

Together, the group has combined a multitude of strenuous emotions, grooving between the lines, all while being cleverly delicate to create “Easy,” the song of the summer. While discussing the song Daisy the Great explained that, “the song is about learning to trust yourself, finding joy in loving yourself, feeling hope,” during a time where hope is a lost cause.

In an almost psychedelic entryway, “Easy” twists your arm into the center of the song. The band intricately intertwines metaphorical feelings while listening to a stream of consciousness that makes total sense. “I was in love, I was in love, it wasn’t love/And now it’s over, it wasn’t easy,” validates the reconciliation we all go through at the end of a relationship. A time where we relive the chaos that ensued, process what went wrong, in a head that couldn’t be any clearer.

Watch the official video for “Easy” here.

Daisy the Great reminds us that bad things happen and they happen to everyone. The important thing is, that we move on, we understand what went wrong and how the blame can’t all fall on our shoulders alone. They remind us that, “There’s nothing left, and that’s alright, it wasn’t right/’Cause now it’s over, and now it’s easy.”

If you’re one of the many who feel alone, listen to “Easy” here, now available on all streaming platforms!!!

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