Dafney Releases “Wait for You to Come Back”

On February 11th, New York-based singer-songwriter and composer Dafney released her latest single, “Wait for You to Come Back.” Tinged with neo-soul, electronic, and pop influence, “Wait for You to Come Back” “is inspired by the story of a girl who sees her beloved move away because he has stopped believing in himself.” The lyrics act as a confessional from the girl who has been hurt, and Dafney purposely leaves the lyrics up for interpretation. What exactly is implied by this man leaving? How did he leave?


Those questions are purposefully unanswered, but given the ethereal nature of the minor chords and arpeggiator in the background, this particular listener is taking the more macabre route. The man is clearly gone from this earthly plane of existence. This song feels like a prayer at moments, lending further credence to that theory. When the song hits its climax and gets even more electronic towards the end, that is the acceptance of life as it is following this loss. It’s an incredibly visceral ending to such an ethereal track, and it works quite well.

The production on this track sounds incredible, and it’s no surprise that Dafney went to Berklee College of Music and also “to perform as a background vocalist for the renowned Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.” The vocals sound incredible, and that’s not just the production. Dafney’s voice is phenomenal, and her song structuring is impeccable. There is never a dull moment in the entire four-and-a-half-minute runtime of this track.

Dafney, “born to Italian-African parents and raised in Milan, Italy,” is proving to be on the rise within the music industry, and I’m very excited to see what she does next. She is in the same psych-pop/indietronica vein as Caroline Polachek. She has cool song structures that seem linear and then throw the listener for a loop. Her voice is incredible. What’s not to love?

Check out “Wait for You to Come Back” below, and let us know what you think!

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