Cyrano Pens Meditative and Dreamy “Afterburns” to Share Undisclosed Thoughts

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Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Cyrano returns with a new track for the late-night overthinkers as he continues to build anticipation for his forthcoming EP, Consolations. “Afterburns” is a meditative and dreamy track that, released with an accompanying personality test to determine introversion and extraversion, personifies the feelings and thoughts unshared from his breakup.

A new face on the scene, Cyrano brings with him a unique style that fuses interesting musical choices with pensive harmonies and melodic energies. His sound is familiar but bolding striking, holding listeners’ attention as he shares parts of his life through his artistry. His debut single, “White Wine,” was released in March 2021 and was accompanied by a wine bottle release, made from 100% recycled materials. His prior single, “Collateral,” fused the sounds of Japanese taiko drums with lo-fi guitars, creating something that is reminiscent of Foals. Consolations, his forthcoming EP, is inspired by Alain de Botton‘s book “The Consolations of Philosophy,” and is a concept EP that follows the arc of a night.

On his latest track, Cyrano shares

To me, the Afterburns of a relationship is when the coals are on the fire, and you’re wondering whether to give it another stoke for a flame. If you spend too much time thinking, it’ll just fade away. I wanted “Afterburns” to personify my feelings, from the lyircs and melodies to its length and flow. The whole track is one big thought, and the most idiosyncratic song of my music for the late-night overthinkers.

Aligned with the out-of-box artistry that fans can expect of him, and related to his inclusion of an introversion/extraversion personality test, Cyrano released two versions of the track – one labeled “Introverted Mix.” Both tracks take a soft, dreamy indie-rock approach to production and share the same reflective lyrics. They both exhibit so much character and exude emotion. Even with the same base similarities, they evoke pretty different sonic responses from listeners. The original mix feels like something you can sway to in a crowd, sharing a personal moment in time with others who are experiencing similar moments. The introverted mix feels more personal – like a moment that you need for yourself. Its sound production is more intense yet also atmospheric, creating a soundscape that is best enjoyed through earphones.

Be sure to take the personality test and then listen to the track which resonates with you most, or listen to both to fully understand the level of thought that Cyrano infused into these tracks.

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