bekka jean Makes Art Out of Heartbreak with “van gogh”

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Armenian singer/songwriter bekka jean digs into the depths of heartbreak to release her latest emotionally cathartic track, “van gogh.” Born in San Diego and raised in Greeley, Colorado, Bekka started writing songs in her bedroom at the age of 16 but only started releasing her singles in recent years. She started writing her debut single, “///shutdown///mode///,” with her husband Robert back in 2017 when she was drifting from her family. She knew she had to leave “home” and, at the time, she struggled to feel any sense of belonging around her family and friends.

Bekka says that writing music has saved her life several times. She draws inspiration from her life, so all of the songs listeners hear are her stories. Reflecting on her debut single, she shares,

Sometimes coming into your own means that you’ll stand along. But I hope that anyone who comes across my music will be inspired and be given the courage to never relinquish who they are and what they think just to satisfy others.

Listeners hear more of Bekka’s story in her new single, “van gogh.” She explains,

This song is about how manipulative/abusive relationships are hard to walk away from, especially when it’s family.

Van Gogh suffered from severe mental illness and I empathize with him. The title of my song is not only inspired by my love for Van Gogh’s artworks but also, when I think of Van Gogh, I think of my abuser and, “I hope you run through tall fields of gold where the stars hang like a Van Gogh.”

Bekka takes a stripped-down approach to her production, keeping the instrumental to resonate guitar strums and maintaining the focus on the emotional nature of the lyrics. She pens a reflective letter, to both herself and her abuser, through the gentle cascades of vocal runs. Listeners hear a story unfold of Bekka’s thoughts on her experiences which pushed her to a point where she had to finally walk away. “I’ve loved you to the moon and back, but this time I’m not coming back for you.” Even with all of the hurt that Bekka has endured, she ends the track on a positive and loving note – wishing the best for her abuser, despite everything that has happened. Kudos to Bekka for making the hard choices in order to set healthy boundaries for herself!

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing my music with your audience, it means so much to me. 💜 your words are so incredibly kind, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

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