CRYALOT (Kero Kero Bonito’s Sarah Bonito) Shares New Single “Touch The Sun”

The sun is a warm ball of fire and energy that helps give life to our planet. As much as we are tired of it nowadays because of its endless heatwaves. Its rays give us the vitamin D, plants their daily food (photosynthesis), and a schedule all living creatures can adhere to. Without it, we will be lost and living in a cold dark world. Yeesh! That’s a bit grim! 

The next time you encounter it rather than whine a lot be thankful for its existence. Sure, it can be a challenge to do most especially when you’re parched and drenched in sweat. But remember, all life forms depend on it one way or another so try and play nice. These are the same sentiments echoed by Sarah Bonito Aka Cryalot from the London trio Kero Kero Bonito, with her new song “Touch The Sun”. An electronic tune that praises the sun, dialed up to an extreme. In fact, it could be compared to a lover longing for warmth and requesting to never let go. It’s got a plot for a romantic flick, only deadlier and the stakes higher. 

Released July 26th via AWAL, this is Sarah Bonito’s new solo project from her upcoming debut album Icarus this August 26th. Taking inspiration from the Greek mythological figure Icarus and his fascination for the great ball of flame, this single intensifies that gusto, and somehow transforms it into obsession that’s stronger than death itself. The goal is clear, to reach the sun no matter what happens even if it turns her into fine speckles of black dust. The drive, to escape this cruel planet and finally say goodbye to all the pain welling up in her. It’s tragic sight for us on lookers, but for her it’s a desired destination because it’s her safe place. In its arms, there will be no more suffering, judgement and alas freedom. 

More than just a sonic journey, Cryalot’s “Touch The Sun” also comes bundled with a stunning music video. Which shows her bathing in its light and following it wherever it pleases to go. A surreal yet calming polar opposite of the feelings and intentions expressed in the track. It’s jarring yes, but it’s a necessary one to prove a scary point: desiring something bigger is natural, it can be simply disguised as a simple adoration. Yikes! 

Coupled with all the aforementioned, there will also be a debut headline show to be held at London’s Electrowerkz this September 15th. Giving us fans and curious spirits to experience the musical prowess of Cryalot. For tickets and additional information, click here

Searching for more Cryalot? If you are then let’s head on and camp out in her official website, Instagram, Twitter,  TikTok, and YouTube accounts for more outstanding content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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