“Cry On” is a Stunning Duet Between Kid Travis and Naomi Graye

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Kid Travis is a new and upcoming RnB/Hip-Hop artist by way of Pennsylvania. This man’s artistry knows no bounds. Not only is he a talented singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer, but he is also a photographer, graphic designer, and promoter. With solid melodic punk/trap undertones, he sings a wide variety of styles to showcase his holistic passion for music. He’s very active on YouTube, where he posts original music and visuals as well as covers that have been recognized by prominent artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. He has albums dating back to 2017 and his latest album, Strawberry Skies, continues to showcase his mastery of all types of musical art.

“Cry On” is just one of the many songs on this extensive album. It kicks off with a pleasant introductory verse from Naomi Graye, who wastes no time in flexing her vocal skills with an ascending run before ending on a high note and passing it off to Kid Travis. The instrumental is comprised of light guitar slides and strong guitar plucks, switching out with more percussive beats and electronic elements. It neatly complements the varying duet, which is a back-and-forth of two sides of a relationship: someone is leaving and someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

Kid Travis carries the main vocals through the verses. He maintains an effortlessly smooth and tranquil tone, even as gently varies his pitch. Naomi continues to lend a supportive melody alongside Kid Travis during the chorus. Towards the end of the song, the instrumental becomes more upbeat and trumpet blares are introduced and the vocals pass to more abbreviated vocalizations. Throughout the rest of the album, Kid Travis sustains his musical prowess, between his innovative instrumental productions and refined vocals, with the help of a handful of other talented singers.

You can listen to “Cry On” and the rest of Strawberry Skies today!

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