Music fans rejoice! We’ve got a new tune to dance to all summer long, thanks to Aussie indie dance trio Crooked Colours (Phil Slabber, Leon Debaughn, and Liam Merrett- Park). The song in question? “Feel It”, which was released in all major platforms last May 11th via Atlantic Records. As for our Australian fans out there, this was unleashed on Triple J, one of the country’s biggest radio stations. But no matter what part of the world you may be in, this energetic bop came bundled with a lyric video that would surely get you grooving nonstop. So, get those dance moves on standby pronto. 

Digging deeper, “Feel It” is a teaser of sorts for their upcoming debut album from Atlantic Records which will come out later this year. As far as the song creation goes, this was a product of the group’s US writing trip according to Slabber. It was this constant search for something more for their careers that triggered the formation of this future summer anthem. Like a cherry on top, the trio produced the song as well. Now talk about multifaceted! 

As for the song itself, “Feel It” talks about personal freedom and feeling yourself more specifically on the dance floor. “I want it all now. I wanna feel that high. I want it all now.”.  It invites everyone, (even the shy ones) to partake in a party that celebrates themselves and just feeling good. Stiffies aren’t allowed here, in fact letting loose is the way to go because then and only then can you feel the most authentic music highs you’ve ever experienced. “I want a different high I want to see the truth.”, as the lyrics would say. 

With “Feel It” starting to take over the air waves, Crooked Colour is set once again to add to their already rich list of hits such as “Light Year (Feat Masked Wolf & Jasiah)”, “No Sleep”, “Falling”, “Love Language” and a whole lot more. Not to mention their ever-growing fan base and collaborations with top music acts with likes of Jasiah and Masked Wolf, DJ duo Hermitude and producers Kryptogram, Slenderbodies to name a few. With all these on tow, they are sure to leave their mark on this colorful and oftentimes blinding world of EDM and Pop. 

If all this sounds enticing to you and would love to watch them on tour, then you’re in luck! Starting July 28th to September 10th, they will be having an Australian and New Zealand tour. For more details about the locations, times and other particulars visit this site. While you’re at it, mark those calendars as well and maybe clear up your schedules on those dates. 

Need more Crooked Colours in your life? If so, head on over to their  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , TikTok and YouTube accounts to get your fix. 

Stay groovy mates. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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