David Byrne Celebrates Final Broadway Performances With “American Utopia Farewell!”

David Byrne, the Scottish American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, writer, music theorist, filmmaker and philanthropist is at it again folks. From outstanding hits such as “Psycho Killer” (1977), “This Must Be The Place” (1982) and tons more brought to you by his new wave band The Talking Heads. Scintillating beats and tunes, with likes of “Fantastic Man” (2017), and “Heaven And Hell” (2017) with his now new group The Atomic Bomb Band. Not to mention other endeavors that amused and got us thinking about our very existence. He once again comes a knocking with his one night only event called “American Utopia Farewell.”.

Held last March 30th, 8pm at Saint James Theater in New York. This was a celebration of the run of his well-beloved Broadway show “American Utopia” as it reached its bittersweet end. As sad as that may sound, this was also a cause for extreme joy for because its proceeds benefited Byrne’s nonprofit foundation called Arbutus. An organization established last 2018, and with members David Byrne, Karen Wong, Malu Byrne and Emily Simoness. These extraordinary individuals aim to preserve as their website would say “imaginative projects from a range of artists and thinkers.”. In other words, an amazing team set to keeping the tradition of performances that currently bring us absolute joy. It’s truly an artist for artists movement, that we all definitely love to see happen in our modern world. 

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While this was a night of music, witty dialogue, and showstoppers for a cause. This too was a perfect night for David and the cast to extend their gratitude to their loving and adoring fans. Which was achieved through the sincerest of words, as well as through perks like guests receiving premium seating for the show. To add to that, there too was a post-performance conversation with David Byrne coupled with a gift bag. VIP level ticket holders on the other hand received signed copies of Byrne’s book “A History Of The World (In Dingbats)” published by Phaidon. But wait, there’s more because they too acquire a vinyl LP of the original cast recording of American Utopia. Whew! Talk about a special treat! 

In search for more David Byrne? If so, head on down to his official website, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts for more great content. If you do want to learn more about the Arbutus foundation, feel free to visit their site here.  

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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