Cooper Phillip’s Newest “Masterpiece”

On May 17th, the new single and music video from American pop singer/songwriter Cooper Phillip was released. Entitled “Masterpiece,” the funk-fueled track features Cooper’s signature velvety smooth soul-drenched vocals and is all about the artistry of self-acceptance.

Born in a small town in Russia to a family of accomplished classical musicians, Phillip’s early years were shaped by being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a master violin player, toured around the world with various symphonies. She took comfort in music where she was enamored by the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald, and eventually enrolled at the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy. Since then, it is without saying that Phillip has been working diligently to expand her vocal range and control, taking everything that came in her path and feeding off of the challenge. 

In a short description, “Masterpiece” is fully an anthem of empowerment. Everything here follows Phillip’s motto of loving yourself and finding your worth within by not focusing on outside validation, and the bliss that comes after making such decision. The single starts with a more minimal sound, lightly supporting Phillip’s vocals that sing on how life is anything but black and white. Reaching the chorus, however, the melody of the track transforms with the addition of horn instruments and a classic drum beat, highlighting the beauty of showing your true colors. The music video also illustrates this by its vibrant and glamorous presentation, showing people in their element after casting their meaningless fears aside. All in all, there will always be truth in the message that your inner peace is an important part of everyday life, and should be protected as an action of self-love.

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