Georgia Harmer saves a friend in the intimate song “Top Down”

At the heart of Americana are those images of long drives down old dirt roads, soft smiles in morning sunlight, or moments of sweet release before a new dawn. These are the feelings at the heart of Georgia Harmer’s newest track “Top Down”, a lyrically intimate and melodically advanced indie-folk track off of her debut full-length album Stay In Touch.

The song is simultaneously an ode to friendship and a triumph over those feelings of smallness, helplessness, and fear. With Harmer’s ethereal voice singing of feeling helpless while trying to be there for a friend, the guitar-led piece goes beyond the realm of pure sweetness and digs deeper into the spectrum of vivid human emotion. Patient drums frame the song in its own musical simplicity and allow the emotional lyrics to pull listeners in close. The unique blend of indie-folk rock and soft acoustic ballad makes for a song set apart from the rest of its sister projects in similar genre fields.

Harmer, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter, is said to strive for both ‘top-down’ political and personal change in her sound exploration. At only 22 years old, her unique musical style can be in part attributed to the strong lineage of Canadian artists and poets in her family, such as her aunt Sarah Harmer. Young Harmer got into the industry herself starting as a backing vocalist for pop singer Alessia Cara. She’s since released a few singles throughout 2021 before the release of Stay In Touch earlier this month.

Starting in July, Harmer will be joining Dan Mangan on his tour throughout Canada and Europe. Check her out on social media for more and listen to “Top Down” below!

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