Australian singer-songwriter Kaity Dunstan, known to fans as CLOVES, confronts social anxiety in the midst of an era of isolation with her second single toward her upcoming album.

This album, following her debut EP, XIII, and 2018 full length album, One Big Nothing, will set the scene of a dystopian synthetic world of her own creation. She will be breaking down the struggles through mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and overthinking.

Though she started singing at the young age of thirteen, it was the old soul in her voice that helped her stand out from the crowd in her performances throughout the years. And with her voice, she has carried out a tone unique from the pop culture crowd.

“Sicko,” replicates the obsessive, nail-biting, desperate crawl for escape of social anxiety and the patterns associated with that. The catchy melody plays in the head on repeat long after the song is over, repeating the cycle of sound and emotions aside. CLOVES pulls her listeners in with a melodic beat and soulful grit in her voice.

According to the artist, the song is “my best way of painting the tunnel vision, panic scramble of social anxiety. It’s like a living, breathing second personality in your brain,” she added. “One which makes you question everything you do and say in social situations, worried that others don’t like you for it. It’s exhausting, not only keeping you from enjoying the present but also fucks with your relationships.”

Listen to the track, “Sicko,” now available on all streaming platforms.

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