Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the inception of CHIEF took place in 2018. Initially started as a pop side-project of Billboard® charting metal act Forevermore, members Michael Taylor and Sammy Vaughn sought to make a sonic impression in the realm of modern pop while paying homage to the genre’s predecessors from the 70s and 80s. With the addition of Derek Belser and Dana Willax, the group moved to solidify its four-piece line-up, consisting entirely of cross-functional musicians, songwriters, and producers, all of whom found their musical genesis in internationally touring bands and self-sufficient audio/visual production.

With the release of the band’s first full-length, self-titled EP, CHIEF looks to establish what their prior singles have alluded to; the band intends to stake its claim as a powerful force in the pop world. Filling a void that most acts can’t, the band rides the line between emotion, catchiness, musicianship, and nostalgia. 

“405” is the opening track from their EP and it’s a fun track that’s the perfect combination of summer and synthpop. The band recently released the stunning visual experience to accompany the track, featuring their friend Saige. Of the track, Michael Taylor shares,

Relative to the other tracks off our self-titled EP, “405” is perhaps the track that best summarizes the current position of the band, both collectively and individually. We’ve all aggregated in Southern California from the opposite sides of the country, love playing music together, and love putting songs out for whoever wants to listen. There’s a very specific feeling that comes along with ripping down SoCal highways and we wanted to do our best to illustrate that feeling via song. It was written during the peak of the pandemic when the streets were vacant. It’s ultimately about moving forward (be it in a car, or in life).

Packed with high-energy guitar chords, iridescent synths, and hushed vocals, the track evokes a sense of nostalgia while bringing forth a summertime fun that is much needed after the pandemic-stricken year. It gives you the sense of wind in your hair while you drive aimlessly during a calm night but also a reminder of what it feels like to be on a packed dance floor full of friends and strangers. The driving beat, established by low drum beats, portrays the message of moving forward. With a constant sway in the music, this is the type of song that will surely get listeners moving. And with Summer 2021 less than two weeks away, “405” is a necessity for those everlasting bedroom dance parties that probably became more frequent over the past year but won’t be going away anytime soon.

Such a fun track must be accompanied by an equally fun music video, so be sure to watch it below and also pay attention to the subtitles that document how the band happened upon such a charming video.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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