Can’t Hide From Love In Kid Prexy’s ‘In My Head’

Love, as cliché as it sounds is magical. It’s a familiar feeling and yet despite that we still can’t completely define it. Better yet, we still grasp at straws as to how to handle it once it lands on our laps. While it has a bit of resemblance from the shows and films that we’ve grown to adore through the years. True love, at least the very essence of it is far more complex.

It’s more than just seeing signs, stars or going through that ‘love at first sight’ phase. One could argue that they do happen but attached to that cloud nine are responsibility and communication. Without these things, it’s like building a home in quicksand – bound to sink any minute. This very scenario albeit told in a more colorful way can be heard from emerging artist Kid Prexy and his latest song ‘In My Head’. Released March 3rd and available in all streaming platforms, Kid Prexy gives us a glimpse of a spiraling love affair.

What starts of as ideal, turns out as toxic and painful. From lovers, they’ve now reached a point of animosity causing for Kid Prexy to think he’s gone completely insane thus the title ‘In My Head’. Were the emotions they shared real? Or was everything just a mirage to keep him away from being single? How about the rage that’s burning his system because of the infidelity? Yikes!

A dairy of madman at first glance, Kid Prexy’s ‘In My Head’ with his grungy and heartfelt vocals and instrumentals hits the nail on the head. This tale isn’t just a one off shocking story, it’s genuine and could very well happen to anyone. Beyond young love, this applies to everyone who chooses to put their entire being on the line in the name of love. Reader beware, just kidding!

Can’t get enough of Kid Prexy? If so, then come on down and give his official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Tiktok, and YouTube accounts for more stellar content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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