Callaway Martin’s ode to a lazy summer in “October Love”

With his electric guitar echoing out in buzzing strums, Callaway Martin perfectly encapsulates a lazy summer feeling in his latest single. The track tackles the perils, and euphoria, of being young. Going on long drives with no destination, changing your hair color on impulse, and getting too high at another party in July. Between the vivid memory-recounting chorus and rap-inspired verses, Martin feels like a natural hit-making indie artist despite being relatively new to the scene.

The chord progression of “October Love” insists on a feeling of teenage regret for the time that’s passed, and the song tells a familiar tale to match. Martin attempts to assure his friends that this is the summer he’s gonna get together. But by the time September comes around, nothing has really changed.

Oregon-based Callaway Martin is an independent artist whose discography has been featured on a number of popular Spotify’s curated playlists. From Fresh Finds, Front Left, and Indie Pop, the young artist’s romantic and introspective music is garnering a wider audience by the day. He started his music career in high school after breaking his femur playing football. His music back then was heavily influenced by rappers like Shwayze, Aer, and Mac Miller. He found his first success in high school with the SoundCloud track “Wanna Lay Low”.

After going to college at Belmont University in Nashville, he met the funky pop group Parrotfish, and the two grew their presence together on Spotify with a few surf rock and hip-hop collaborations. Callaway moved to LA this past year to continue growing his music career. With new tracks like “October Love”, he’s experimented with mixing his previous influences with the indie pop sounds he’s been exposed to over the last few years. No matter the genre, all his songs tell a greater story and are all about the message. Keep up with Martin on his Instagram or Tik Tok for more and listen to the summer pop dream “October Love” below!

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