young friend Releases Latest Single, “ENDLESS”

Marbled between a mid-century style icon and internet-age DIY polymath, young friend’s soundscapes and persona are hard ones to look away from. Wearing a love for all things antique, including vintage cars and European architecture, he, too, remains just as comfortable in the urban sprawl of native home of Vancouver, Canada. This crossroads is exhibited in his music, which feels at home amongst Jangle pop revivalists and post-Odd Future tastemakers, but with a sharp intimacy that’s both homemade and meticulous. He draws influence from across the board, citing Frank Ocean, young Leonardo Dicaprio, dark roast coffee, small hats and the fashion sense of a trendy grandpa. Tarves’ artistic strengths also stretch beyond his music, with his roots being present in dance & theatre as well as possessing an unbelievably sexy calligraphy. Musically, his origins started in hip-hop, which bleeds through in his precise and often fast paced vocal delivery.

Drew Tarves’ music as young friend feels classic and immediate all at once, capturing the summer-sun nostalgia of post-adolescence while diving deep into a pool of self-reflection. The six songs on his new EP, HOW DID WE GET HERE?, act as a practical mission statement for this talented singer-songwriter—showcasing Tarves’ innate tunefulness and lovingly slack croon, which adorns this collection of wistful guitar pop that’s as thought-provoking as it is purely transportative. Today, bedroom-pop artist young friend is proud to announce his forthcoming album, HOW DID WE GET HERE?, and shares the hard-hitting new single “ENDLESS.” With grungy guitars and Drew Tarves’ signature melancholic lyricism, the song takes an anthemic, alternative edge.

ENDLESS is a song that reflects on a past relationship. It is about feeling nostalgic for what you once had, like you would do anything to return to that time in your life.

~ Drew Tarves, young friend

Listen to “ENDLESS” now, available on all listening platforms here:

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