Exclusive: Broke Royals Share Piece of LP “Local Support” With New Single “All I Have To Show” Out June 22nd

In today’s tattered world, it seems like driving on autopilot is an unavoidable consequence of staying afloat. Some people find that comforting, knowing what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen. But for artists the known is debilitating and many reach their finale when it enters their flow– except for Broke Royals. By being patient with each other, the band reworked their purified pop to birth a sound more fitting to their essence, creating a record so sweet, frustrating, and entwined all at once. “All I Have To Show,” dropping tomorrow (June 22nd) depicts their genuine musicality, being truthful to their story but this time reading from the pages covered in grit.

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The DC based band of Philip Basnight, Colin Cross, Taimir Gore, Rebecca Silverstein, and Ben Wilson were tenacious from the get-go; producing two full length albums that touched on topics of anxiety, relationships, abuse, and love– a familiarity for every listener. They were quickly adored and eagerly discussed by The Washington Post who coined their second album “Saint Luxury,” as “an album of pristine rock,” a well-received compliment that showed face to what they were doing wrong. At the start of 2020 the band was secure in their sound when in the studio, but on stage they became a force to be reckoned with–a captivating and insightful mixing pot of Springsteen, Petty, and many others whom they credit as inspiration.

“Redefining standard ideas of value”


When the pandemic began, the band was in a rut, fearing a musical plateau, and longing for something fresh and more in tune with how they viewed themselves. During that spare time, which we all know too well, Broke Royals rebuilt themselves from the ground up, recognizing each member as an appreciated contributor.

By becoming a more collaboratively-working and self-aware band, with the guiding hand of producers, Bartees Strange, Broke Royals intertwined what they wanted to hear and who they wanted to be to create a monumentally bona fide reset. “Local Support” dropping on July 15th is an album parallel to who they feel they are, leaving the rest of the world in anticipation. Being described by the band as “an album about being brutally honest, savoring small moments and finding the strength to start over,” we can foresee a record of true value. Having already dropped– “Revivalism,” “Slam Band” and “Postcard,” Broke Royals have impeccably segued us onto a stage of energetic lyricism and dynamic melodies.

Local Support Album Art

Their newest track, “All I Have To Show,” is a tune we desperately need. Bringing forth a comparable feeling of escapism and resilience, “All I Have to Show” fabricates “starting over in the wake of generational trauma,” a feeling most are too familiar with, where the only escape from the impeding energy is to get up, get out, and start new. The track blares through your eardrums, gracing you with a sense of optimism that is strummed melodically by guitarist Ben Wilson and lead singer Philip Basnight. Basnights convention is naturally unravelled as if reading a memoir. A memoir that discusses severed ties, confusion, and running away in the face of abuse– a dark underbelly with buoyancy.

“It makes everything more authentic when you know these are feelings and experiences they actually have”


In the simplest of terms, Basnight reveals that the track is about “two people in love heading out on the road to escape.” Broke Royals normalizes the circumstances in which it is okay to run away, to escape, to turn the page and rewrite the mess that has been made. Often times it is perceived that in screwed up situations that numb your brain, we lose our sense of self. We become an empty glass and it is believed that to reach ascendancy, we must face the damage with our head held high. But there is always another road we can take and “All I Have To Show” leads you to that road far more efficiently than any GPS.

Basnight reinforces his mantra with lines like, “I’m not gonna stay where the damage was done” and “All I have to show is a life with you to get me through” a life where it is okay to clear yourself out, cleanse what is holding you down and find the people who pick you back up. He says, “for some people the only answer in the face of abuse is to leave town and start again.”

“All I Have To Show” showcases the bands admirable talent and their ability to filter in uncomfortable topics in a way that makes you patch up those wounds and look ahead at where you can go from here. The only way to describe it is beautiful.

Catch the live on October 29th at Songbyrd Music House!

Make sure you preorder their upcoming LP “Local Support” here!

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