The second day of Breakaway music festival consisted of layers of jackets piled on throughout the day as the temperature continued to drop, delicious gourmet festival food consumed, silent disco, roller disco, and laser light shows that blew your mind. Early festival goers that braved the cold, one of them being me, received a full spectrum of different genres of live music performed and none of them disappointed.

To start the day off right, Romario took over the main stage so confidently and casually like he belonged up there, and boy did he show that he did. Those early festival goers that were the in the crowd had the opportunity to have all of the open space they needed to dance and get hype, and they sure took advantage of it.

Emogee’s performance made not just the crowd, but the whole festival in general go crazy. The vendors and even all of the people backstage dancing to the beat and drops that they produced just as much as everyone else. Much to the crowd’s surprise, they brought out special guest Chris Jobe to perform together live on their featured track “Move Like That” and what a treat it was! Fueld by the music, the smoke shooting out from the stage, and fun and energetic element that Chris Jobe added to the already great set, the crowd responded to the performance with delight.

Next Kid Quill took the crowd to church with his feel-good uplifting set. Using several Chance, the Rapper influenced elements in his music such as the live trumpet, tune of the piano, background choir-like vocals, the crowd seemed to be moving and jumping around with smiles on their faces the entire time. I had the chance to speak with Kid Quill to go a bit more in depth about his music.

Chris Lake wasted no time to play the hits and instantly got the crowd moving like no other. In a house sub-category all on his own, Chris Lake’s music has the ability to slow down and zone out to the flow of the music and then ten seconds go absolutely crazy and dance like there’s no tomorrow. This was definitely the case when we performed songs “Turn off the Lights”, “Boneless”, and his “How Deep Is Your Love” remix.

Thinking I was prepared for Zeds Dead’s set since it was my second time seeing them, I soon discovered that I was very much mistaken. The visuals alone were mind boggling, alternating from intense fight scenes in anime to trippy graphics of weird organic shapes. Between that combined with the bass heavy nasty drops, laser lights shooting across the sky and beyond the crowd, and the stage presence of the two members of Zeds Dead themselves, this set was easily my favorite form the whole weekend.

To close out not only the night but the whole festival in general, Kaskade that happily satisfied everyone. As one of the OG’s of feel-good EDM, Kaskade’s set lit up the festival in a glow of euphoria. With songs like his “Believer” remix and “Go Slow”, it was impossible to stand still. Everyone just seemed to let the music take control, LED light whips and neon LED light gloves filled the night sky everywhere you looked, and people fluid dancing everywhere filled the space all around. I couldn’t imagine a better set to close out an incredible weekend.


Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard

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