Preluding the band’s next studio album release, “Teardrops” is the fourth single from Bring Me The Horizon dropped in 2020, following the consistent righteous anger at the state of the world right now.

In the beginning of 2020, many were thinking that we would not be hearing from Bring Me The Horizon for some time; but after dropping their first single, “Ludens,” fans began to see that the band had other plans. When releasing “Parasite Eve” upon the massive outbreak that changed the world as we know it, we began to see the angst and anger projecting in a specific direction. Then, after movements took the streets of cities all around the world, the band paired up with Yungblud in “Obey.”

“Teardrops,” released on Thursday, takes a similar, but more emotional tone to the previous releases over the last year.

TEARDROPS official video

The track begins with a heavy breakdown paired with electronic elements; discussing the tech addiction in youth and today’s culture, paired with the anxiety and depression that follows. While relating to today’s struggles, vocalist Oli Sykes shares his story of a past in mental health struggles and drug abuse. Because of his bandmates and their support, he was able to break through and grow past it.

Tech addiction is so normal for us these days. We’re addicted to our phones, addicted to our computers, to media, the news. We wake up in the morning, and no one says “You shouldn’t check your phone first thing in the morning, and just look at bad news or social media.” No one tells us that. That’s like inviting thousands of chatty strangers to your bedroom at like 7:05. We’re all in the same boat, so no one really likes talking about it. But the mental impact of the way we’re living now, the way our society is, I don’t think we’ve really seen the after effects or the repercussions of that and I think we will soon.

This song is about how our moral compass is a little bit skewed because we’re so numb to the bad news every single day and it’s hard to know what we should actually do about that. I think it’s very dangerous because when we hear these stories of oppression, tragedies or whatever. It’s like: Do I scream? Do I shout? Do I tell someone? Do I fight about it or do I sit down? We’re losing our touch with how to react to this stuff. I mean, I’m feeling that as a 33 year old man. You have kids, who, for them it’s completely acceptable and normal to live how we’re living right now. I don’t know how to deal with that.

Oli Sykes, BBC Radio 1

Post Human: Survival Horror will arrive to streaming services on October 30th. Pre-order the album now at the link here; and stream the new song on Spotify!

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