Hustle and baller culture is such a fascinating thing. It’s a soap opera type of life filled with outrageous storylines, and a roster of uber colorful characters that would put a box of crayons to shame. With all the pizzaz and roughness all around, it’s also quick to remind others that the riches they seem to flex on the daily didn’t grow on trees. While we sometimes wish that were the case, all that they have at the moment we’re all from their blood, sweat and tears. It’s a product of constant struggles, pain, and agony in the doldrums of society. A tale of rising up through the ranks and surviving every blow like a champ. Sure, there are bumps and bruises, but the whole point is you’re the last one standing being crowned the king or queen of the world. 

Just like anything in this world, to lead a life fueled by hustle and ballin’ is a calling. It’s not for the faint of heart and is proven to be a cutthroat one, if you decide to sleep on the wheel. It’s been demonstrated time and again, through popular media and now through the hands of hip hop duo BlueBucksClan. Armed with their unapologetic and realistic look at life, they come hard at us with their new single “Just Hit Me” which released last June 21st. Currently available in all major platforms and includes a music video that’ll get you all riled up to conquer all your demons in one fail swoop. It’s an energy drink for your soul, an extra kick to start or resume your quest to greatness. 

As for the song itself, it’s really catchy and relatable all at the same time. It talks about troubles such as mishaps in relationships, being broke, life in the city, and being exposed to violence even at an early age. Then there are the constant haters that mock you day and night just to impose their own dominance on you. While all this may sound like a litany for life being full of -ish, BlueBucksClan turns it into celebration. A party meant for royalty, warriors, and winners like them as they recount that all these experiences are just vehicles to reach their ultimate goals. But aside from that, it’s also saying thank you to all the bitter pills they had to swallow through the years because it transformed them from the inside out. 

When it comes to the music video, it’s filled with fruits of their labor. It shows them living the dream life surrounded by riches, adoring fans and so much more. An exact opposite of what they’re talking about in the first place. Although that may be the case, it offers us a unique testimony that “rags to riches” isn’t just a plot device. It’s a real thing, as real as the water you drink (stay hydrated), and the people you’re surrounded with just as long as you keep at it.

Inspired by this tune and in need for more like it? Then head on over to their official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Stay hungry friends! Keep on shining! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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