Sidewalks are a normal scene in our lives regardless of where you are in the world. Just like any language, we universally understand it as a place where we can walk. Not only that but it’s also a meeting place for friends and strangers alike. Despite all this, the truth of the matter is that sidewalks are mere connections to our chosen destinations. It’s a place brimming with people, often on the run, busy or waiting. Sure we may pass by regularly and yet no one stays for long. It’s a lot like how life is at times, where we see people come and go. 

The same sentiment is clearly echoed in six-time RIAA Platinum Certified Atlantic/ Recording Artist Garrett Nash aka Gnash and Scott Helman’s song “Where The Sidewalk Ends” which was released last June 10th. It’s an infectious tune meant to depict the (mis) adventures of a person in transition and currently stuck in that loop. One that includes, standing by, yearning, and discovery, but just like a washing machine it’s a wash and rinse type of deal. While this may seem sad or rather unfortunate to some, the duo put a spin on it making it an upbeat track that we can move to (yes you could also listen to it while walking in a sidewalk). 

Examining the song closely, this gem is a product of two kindred souls who came together and built this ode to a part of themselves that they constantly struggle with: balancing the real world and their inner child. Hence that relatable vibe of being in perpetual limbo and that weird feeling of being on the outside looking in. It’s that strangeness of being part of a society and never fitting in because you have an interesting view of the world. A sensation where everyone else zigs, and for the life of you, chose to zag because its more interesting that way. Who could blame them though? The ways of the world can be bland and extremely awkward at times. Being the creatives and free spirits that they are, they’re just not into that uniformity POV or the mold of what normal is. Its them saying that cookie cutters are meant for making cookies, they’re not supposed to be how you live your life. 

But as much as this is their own story encapsulated in two minutes and forty-five seconds of pure bliss. “Where The Side Walk Ends” is also a play on the book with the same name and a homage to Shel Silverstein’s poem which speaks of the same troubles. In fact, if you put them side by side, it’s a more contemporary and updated version of it. Which is good because that just means that this generation still honors the old world. On the other hand, this is also a signal that there is still a need for change because the world has transformed a lot since Shel Silverstein walked this earth. Sure, it’s still as demanding as it was then, even more so now with us being exposed to an online world. A brand-new universe where we are exposed and more vulnerable to prying eyes more than ever thanks to social media. 

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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