Another craigslist success story brought the members of Desert Sharks together. Looking like sisters but coming from different musical backgrounds—punk, grunge, metal, and garage—the group was led to the guitar-driven sound showcased in their newest project, “Baby’s Gold Death Stadium.”

Nearly 5 years since the band’s last release, they’ve grown into a heavier, more meddlesome sound with this album. Their engineer, Jordan Lovelace, recorded them live to tape to truly capture the dynamic energy of Desert Shark’s punk-garage sensibilities. The girls confirmed that their biggest influences on this record came from bands like Veruca Salt, Toadies, L7, and Sleater-Kinney. Makes sense for a batch of 90s girls.

desert sharks

Desert Sharks took almost 2 years to perfect the 34-minute gem that is “Baby’s Gold Death Stadium.” It’s a combination of songs never recorded, and ambitiously written songs—3 tracks in only 2 days! But once they received the final mixes and masters from Jonathan Schenke, they knew they had created something exceptional on hand.

From Desert Sharks: “This project is a culmination of a lot of years playing and honing our sound. We’ve been making music for a while, but this is our first full-length album, and we feel it is the most accurate representation of who we are creatively. ‘Baby’s Gold Death Stadium’ represents not only our artistic ambitions, but is also a nod to the music scene that helped us become who we are (The album is a mash-up of names of DIY and indie venues in Brooklyn we’ve played over the years). Special thanks to the album art photographer, Kiki Vassilakis, album design from Gabriella Rovera, and Emily at Substitute Scene records.

Find “Baby’s Gold Death Stadium” on streaming platforms now, and activate your inner 90s grunge dance moves—trust me, totally worth it.

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