Better Days Are Here With Folamour x Tim Ayre’s ‘Friends’

Friends as much as family aid in shaping who we are. They may not be blood relatives, but these special people you meet along the way are equally vital in our journey. Think of it as a personal dream team with different powers working on a singular goal – self improvement. Whether one or multiple, they also serve as our advisors, playmates, and north stars in certain occasions. Don’t get it twisted, family is still key, friends are that added spice to our daily adventures.

This idea continues to ring out loud all throughout the music landscape like a siren till this day. The next one to pick up that torch of togetherness? Artists Folamour X Tim Ayre with their latest single ‘Friends’. Released March 10th in all platforms and part of Folamour’s upcoming album. This track reminds us that no one is an island. With that being said if you do have them in your life please keep them, or else go out there and seek them out. As the lyrics would say “Can’t somebody, won’t somebody help me?”. Yes the process is complicated and long, but the rewards are endless.

Much like friends, Folamour X Tim Ayre’s ‘Friends’ come in pleasantly chill with its calming vocals and flowing instrumentals. Coupled with great storytelling and lyrics, this tune lights up the room instantly. But what’s incredibly amusing in all this is ‘Friends’ is very honest about the anxiety of meeting new buddies. Others paint it as walk in the park or a stroll in the mall for that bubbly effect which is fine. But what they fail to convey and Folamour x Tim Ayre capitalize on is the actuality that the road to Friendshipville is long and arduous. It’s not a glamorous romp but with that it’s not impossible either- you’ll get there eventually.

For what it’s worth, its not everyday that we witness this type of messaging. So to hear it now especially in times like this is simply a breath of fresh air. Making it an absolute can’t miss and must add to playlist type of a song.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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