Become “Bewitched” by Joe Fox & The Frantics’ New Single

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Los Angeles based and Seattle born indie band, Joe Fox & The Frantics, came together in 2016 as the new pop outlet for singer/songwriter Joe Fox and producer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Edwards (The Cab, Rivals, Sick Puppies). The resulting project blends elements of indie, pop, and British alternative into a fresh take on indie-pop. Infectious grooves and strong story-telling are combined with energetic live shows to keep fans coming back for more.

The band will be releasing a full-length LP that represents their new artistic direction; moving away from the earlier garage rock sound, they will be moving towards a more mature, polished sound. Joe Fox’s various influences, including British indie, 70s dance, funk, and garage rock, will all be incorporated.

“Bewitched” is the first single, mixed by Grammy-nominated Mark Needham, off this upcoming LP. It’s the first look into what is to come for this band and how their visions for a new artistic direction may come to fruition.

Leaning into the band’s rock roots, an infectious rhythm is driven by permeating drum beats and pulsating guitar strums. It’s an instrumental that’s guaranteed to get your foot tapping. And the urge will only grow as Joe launches into his intoxicating verses with in a smooth tone that coaxes attention. With elongated sentences and questioning tones, Joe gives his all to woo the person of his attention who’s managed to bewitch him throughout the night. With a steady sway in his words, he continues to question the return of his affections over the ever-insistent instrumental.

This is one enthralling introduction into the band’s new artistic vision and it’s captivating enough to leave listeners wanting more, much like Joe’s character in the song.

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