Bazzi Recognizes Love in New Single “Eyes”

Excitement is an understatement: Bazzi is back with a new track and fans are thrilled. Years ago, the artist released the demo of “Eyes” and the community went crazy. It was a defining moment that skyrocketed the singer to fame, as songs like “Mine” and “Beautiful” all took turns in the top charts. Now, after all these years, he has completed the song as a massive thank you to fans.

Michigan-born and Los Angeles-based, Bazzi started his music career by posting covers. Listing Justin Timberlake, Bryson Tiller and Guns N’ Roses as some of his influences, the musician has developed a unique sound that speaks to his experiences.

I’ve seen the world, watched childhood dreams come true, fell in love, broke my heart, suffered, healed & through it all, one thing has kept me on track and pulled me out of total disaster (lol) – the music.

– Bazzi

“Eyes” is a love song that describes the intense connection between two people, with Bazzi singing about being unable to look away from his lover’s eyes. The lyrics are romantic and poetic, with lines that confess that feeling of falling.

In those eyes, I feel it all over

Inside, we’re losin’ composure

I’m holdin’ on for my life

Drownin’ in those eyes

– “Eyes”

The song features Bazzi’s signature smooth and soulful vocals, with a simple yet catchy melody that is accompanied by sparse instrumentation and cosmic ambiance. It’s not heavy or melodramatic, something that you’d maybe shout in the car. Instead, the track has an almost dreamy quality with a soft, swaying rhythm that perfectly captures the feeling of being in love.

It is no surprise that Bazzi is quadruple if not quintuple-platinum winning. Intimate emotions and deep confessions are transformed into anthems that listeners are able to fuse into their own stories. Already, fans are anticipating endless repeats and heavy rotations for the track. Bazzi completed The Infinite Dream Tour last year with no announcements of tour for 2023 yet. In the meanwhile, listen to “Eyes” and catch up on his discography!

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