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Cydnee With A C has released an explorative, rainbow EP, Confessions of a Fangirl earlier this month. The Atlanta-raised, LA-based singer nods to “fangirl” tendencies in the 6-track EP, following the release of Cydnee’s lovesick single, “As Long As You Love Me.” The songs come from a personal place. Cydnee identifies as a self-proclaimed “fangirl” of K-pop, and has even taught herself Korean because of it. However, the fandom is more than just a passion for the music.

I used to feel so lonely fangirling about K-pop all by myself until I found a community of fangirls and fanboys…‘Confessions of a Fangirl’ represents a world that fills any void. For me, it’s feeling alone and I feel complete knowing I can relate. A fangirl is an individual that is a part of a community of like interests. I wanted to make a project both relatable and sonically pleasing.”

Cydnee With A C

Confessions of a Fangirl Artwork

“Don’t We Always” hooks the listener right away. With an angelic intro and a delve into the essence of bubblegum sound, this song interpolates Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” without losing Cydnee With A C’s own flavor. She “can handle anything” with a beat that works just right in step, but that doesn’t mean she wants to do it alone. Her vocals wisp in an out, allowing it to have some rich, spotlight moments in “Don’t We Always.”

“As Long As You Love Me” is quite the charmer. It has a body, like the song itself is flirting, flitty and majestic. The dance-pop sound is warming. Her swooping, at times glitched-out vocals, which also appear elsewhere on album, compel the ear to become addicted to Cydnee With A C’s sound.

“Jealous”  has the techno sound akin to tracks by FKA Twigs or Doja Cat, balancing poignant and wild in one. It again plays with the wavering vocals, leading into a choppy synth moment that pushes the urgency of the song. She works well with the layered, drawn-out notes around the chorus, before “you make me jealous” is sang with more of a pulse. It attracts attention, fitting as the song is about capturing someone’s attention so that they don’t fall for anyone else.

The fourth track, “Thotty” is quick and catchy. Featuring IV4, this song shows that the EP is just moving up and up as it goes. The rap sound on this track is delectable, switching between a few different base sounds as it goes on, but keeping the same attitude throughout. The squeaky sound effects toward the end are playful and outspoken, met with a bumping, applausatory outro to leave the track with some extra spunk.

“Test Me” is unique and leans into Cydnee’s vocal range. A song of proving the self, she has succeeded. “Do I, do I interest you” she sings, matching the synth to convey a teasing, confident tone. On the other hand, the EP’s final track “Cry Alone” admits to deafeat. As her most popular song, it hardly lets that be the end of the story, though. Quirky and real, Cydnee takes the weeping as an opportunity to draw someone else in. Earnest yet sassy, this song captures the emotion of the entire EP. 

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Cydnee With A C has been singing since a young age. She trained her voice via Missy Elliot covers with her cousins in Atlanta, and first joined a girl group called AZ1 that would go on to make an appearance on the X Factor. Once she got to LA, she learned guitar and collaborated bass rhythms with k-pop influences, working with producer Aktion Jackson. This weekend, she is playing a live session of Confessions of a Fangirl at Bandcamp’s headquarters in San Fransisco. Cydnee With A C has remarkably smart lyrics and the uncanny ability to surround her words with sounds that truly animate what she has to say. 

Cydnee With A C is expanding her fantastical world and building a strong community along the way. Stream Confessions of a Fangirl and check out the video for “Cry Alone” below. 

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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