“Christmastime And You” by Chase Cohl premired to audiences on Decemeber 1st, and is the perfect song to give reminders of why the time of the holidays is so great. Born in Canada to a family that was already engrossed in the business and creativity that comes with making music, Cohl has been a musical being ever since the days of her youth. Many of her talents include delving into the likes of piano, guitar, and eventually banjo during her college days as someone who studied poetry. She eventually moved to California to pursue her dreams of “smoking weed in a long floral dress,” and has recently released an EP titlied Dear Dear: Volume 1. All in all, it can be safe to say that the release of “Christmastime And You” has only further stapeled Cohl’s title as an eclectic and prolific artist.

“I wanted to create with the idea of instant nostalgia in mind. Something that feels like you’ve known it forever, that sticks in your brain the way so many of the classic girl group songs do, something that feels immediately familiar & warm. I am fascinated by the idea of playing in reflections of set dressing, almost a modern still life. With this project being so retro-fetishist, it felt like the natural place to explore in that, as will continue to be the case with the lyric videos for the remainder of the record.”

~ Chase Cohl

Both the video and sound for “Christmastime And You” can be simply described as a cheery and festive-filled experience. The jingling bells and chorus behind Cohl’s voice is the perfect recipe for a song released during this time of year. At the end of the video, Cohl even gives out her Canadian Hot Toddy Recipe, stating that people had been asking for it for a while, and decided to finally share it with the world.

Everything about this single is fun and fitting, and I think it’s a worthy addition to be apart of your Christmas party playlist.

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