Glimmering in BVLGARI head to toe, BANKS unveiled a simmering new track with a music video to match on Wednesday. After a two year hiatus from the music industry, the talented musician is back and is alit with her signature alluring sound.

The seductive dark pop master’s “Skinnydipped” is just as captivating, if not more so, than her last drop, “The Devil,” which has amassed nearly 3 million streams on Spotify, and counting.

“Skinnydipped” is a song about finally letting go of something that you’ve gone back to many times before. It’s about knowing your worth and shedding your skin. The video is meant to portray women as divine creatures, wild in their natural habitat, untouched by society’s constructs.

~ Jillian BANKS (1)

BANKS’s visuals were heavily inspired by the collaboration with the fashion brand. Regarding the collaboration with BVLGARI, BANKS commented in an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR:

When I was little and looked at my mom’s jewelry, it’s just so visual and there’s such an aura around it. The second I put on these snake-depicted pieces of artwork … just the way the bracelets wrap around my wrist, the way the necklace wraps around my neck, the way the rings fit, you just feel so powerful when you’re wearing it. When I put it on my body, it’s like you stand up a little straighter and you feel like a design creature. And that’s the snake aspect of it that makes it feel so alluring. The second you put it on, you inhabit the women of BVLGARI, the essence captured in every picture I’ve ever seen of a woman wearing it. The movements of the snake are what I’ve always been drawn to the most. I think that the way a snake moves is so interesting, because it doesn’t just go forward—it flows back and forth. In the video, I wanted to portray women as divine, empowered, and almost creature-like. And that’s exactly what I think this collection is. I wanted to portray them almost in a voyeuristic way—viewing all these women in the wild, kind of how snakes are viewed, where you just see them in their habitat.

~ Jillian BANKS

And its in this interview that we see the epitomization of women’s empowerment ridden throughout “Skinnydipped.” Not only in the visuals, plainly stated, but in the lyrics and how BANKS’s vocals seem to slither its audience into a trance and state of calm. The content that lies therein is an inspirational message, one that drives anyone who listens into pushing past the things only holding us back from our fullest potential.

Here’s to moving on from people and situations that no longer serve us! Stay tuned for more updates regarding BANKS, and stream the new single now, available on all platforms:

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