Exclusive Interview: Aurelia Chats About Self-Empowerment Anthem, “Sinister Things”

New York-based “Italian Gothfather”, producer, vocalist, and visual artist AURELIA spoke with us about her musical journey, which was first inspired by a hospitalization and PTSD diagnosis – something they speak very candidly about. Their open embrace of their struggles and experiences has allowed her to become who she is today and with the start of this musical project, AURELIA has already learned so much more about herself and further shares the lessons learned that they will bring forth.

AURELIA has returned in full force on their follow-up single “Sinister Things”, a somber track that centers around righteous revenge, and bodily autonomy in the face of sexual abuse. They are not a stranger to exploring all things powerful and dark in their work, with the latest single being no exception, diving straight into statements of sexual freedom and swift retaliation against abusers.

Watch our full interview below!

A tinge of optimism in her words, Aurelia’s ‘Sinister Things’ stands as a proud survivor’s anthem and a call to arms to deal with all things sinister. 

This song is about believing victims, no, SURVIVORS, of sexual assault. On ‘Wax’, there’s this narrative of a monstrous abuser, something I wanted to share, and the shame that came along with those feelings. ‘Sinister Things’ answers those dark questions, of self-worth and acceptance and even retribution, with a resounding ‘YES’. I’m choosing violence in this song, and no matter what words may spill out of the lips of others, I am choosing to own myself and even get some justice for those who wronged me. It’s what I should have done when it happened to me, and a statement about showing up for myself and others in the future.

The single is now available on all streaming platforms; listen now!

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