Anniee Releases New Synthpop Banger, “Hide The Sun”

On March 1st, New York-based “electronic music composer” Anniee released her latest single, “Hide The Sun.” Full of powerful vocals, atmospheric synthesizers, and an infectious vocal melody, “Hide The Sun” proves that Anniee fits right in with synthpop heavyweights like Roosevelt, Tesla Boy, and Chairlift (shoutout to Caroline Polachek). In fact, much like Chairlift, the vocals are what really stand out about this track. Though both Chairlift and Anniee have amazing production on the instrumentals, the vocals are what give the recordings their power.

“Hide The Sun” Single Artwork

As a vocalist, Anniee “has performed in a variety of genres and styles including alt-rock, EDM, synthwave, chillwave, opera, and musical theatre.” The operatic quality of the vocals on “Hide The Sun” not only give major Caroline Polachek vibes, but they give the storytelling of the lyrics even more power. According to Anniee, “Hide The Sun” is “an empowering electro-anthem that tells the story of a terrific comeback after a devastating blow to the heart.” Not only is the anthemic quality present in the raw vocal power, but it’s also present in the melody of the chorus.

By using a seemingly simple melody, Anniee made “Hide The Sun” easy to sing along with and, therefore, easy to remember. Though no one will be able to sing it quite like her, by making the melody attainable to a mass audience, Anniee ensured that it would retain her artistic vision while reaching a mass audience. This might seem like it would in some way risk artistic integrity, but mass reach does not equate to bad art. That’s just not a thing.

Finally, the instrumental. While not the most unique synthpop instrumental, it suits the song. Anniee doesn’t do too much, but what she does is incredible. It creates an atmosphere for the lyrics and vocals to hit as hard as they possibly can, and there is plenty of dynamic contrast in the production to allow for an engaging listen.

“Hide The Sun” is a powerful song, and it deserves your ears. Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

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