Amelia Moore’s New Single “FUMD” Wants You to Scream Along

Amelia Moore’s new single, “FUMD,” featuring jxdn is the perfect anthem for anyone who has lost sleep over an ex. Beginning with soft vocals and chimes, the music video shows the Georgia native in bed as she recounts how she “used to get a full 8 hours” before meeting her ex. The scene quickly shifts into a nightmare as the beat drops and we hear Moore’s more recognizable pop style, with this song leaning towards the hyper pop vocals she has experimented with in the past. jxdn enters halfway through the song as the supposed ex boyfriend, his alternative style pairing perfectly with Moore’s token otherworldly vibe. 

Following Moore’s EP “teaching a robot to love,” “FUMD” showcases the singer’s range like never before. The track is obviously very scream-able, but the real throughline of her single is the emotional pull Moore and jxdn expertly craft together. This marks the first collaboration between the two young artists, and the song couldn’t be a more perfect medium for them to showcase their opposing styles — and how effortlessly they blend together. Unlike a more traditional breakup song, this track offers up both sides of the story for a techno whirlwind of absolute catharsis. As Moore splashes and screams about the kind of heartbreak that just doesn’t seem to go away, you can’t help but to want to join her. 

Amelia Moore is quickly rising as a recognizable alt-pop artist, with this single only solidifying her unique look and sound. With now over 150 million streams, the singer will be performing across North America as she accompanies Zolo Zouaï on tour. She’ll be kicking off her performances at Bimbos 365 in San Francisco, with stops in New York, Chicago, and L.A. as well. Get your tickets here.

We can’t wait to hear more from her, and make sure to check out “FUMD” below!

I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂
I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂

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