Ambarian Is “Everybody’s Prince(ss)” Now

Photo Credits: Trina Jones

I’m a huge Beatles fan so a lot of my soundscapes pull sonic textures and instrumentation from those records. This one definitely has a Strawberry Fields Forever influence to it, with a hefty bit of guitar chime like the Byrds used on Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn, Turn, Turn.

Ambarian on Everybody’s Princess”

Having created music under the Ambarian moniker since 2017, Steve Ambarian’s newest single, “Everybody’s Princess,” is an excellent addition to the musician’s discography. A psychedelic experience from start to finish, the song captivates an aura of cool reminiscent of moments off the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and Ty Segall’s “Melted.” With lyrics highlighting a turbulent yet eye-opening time in the artist’s life, the track has poetry to back up its substance. Full of exciting sounds and textures, thanks to the vast array of instrumentation, the artist breathes a breath of fresh air into the alternative rock genre with this eclectic banger. 

Lyrically this song is about my longest term relationship coming to a close. My partner of 10 years left me during the height of pandemic panic in 2020. It had been a bit strained for a while but I was honestly surprised when the other shoe dropped. Writing has always been my way of processing my emotions so this was the first song I wrote after she left.

Ambarian on the lyrics to “Everybody’s Princess”

Starting off strong, hip-hop drums carry the song forward before being interrupted by a stellar collage of tanpura, swarmandal, and overdriven bass. Providing color, the electric guitar enters the picture at around the 0:20 mark, complementing the Indian instrumentation and providing excellent contrast to the gnarly low-end. Sweet yet relaxed, Ambarian’s nonchalant vocals come into play during the first verse, lamenting about his significant other, yet finally letting go with the line: “you can keep on dreaming; she’s everybody’s princess now.” Particular praise should be given to the production on the track with a mix that feels as organic as it is complex. Nostalgia looms with every listen, reminding the audience of songs such as “Loser” by Beck and “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles. Recognition also should be placed on nuanced instances heard throughout the tune, such as the echoes delivered at 1:26 and the unexpected yet certainly welcomed low-fi bridge heard at 2:31. Warm, chill, and thought provoking, “Everybody’s Princess” is a fun joyride that will leave you wanting more.

Photo Credits: Trina Jones

Nevertheless, if interested (and you totally should be), you can listen to the awesome single here. For more news, stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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