Toronto based electro-pop musician, Amanda Frances, dropped her newest single today titled “Palo Santo.” A special moment of intimacy was immortalized in this beautifully emotional new tune.

Early in her songwriting career, Amanda picked up some of her skills by some of Nashville’s best; and thanks to the Music City, you can pick up on many distinct lyrical storytelling elements from her training in personal and heart-wrenching music, with a twist of electronic pop that embodies Amanda in spirit, style, and soul.


Electric with deep thoughts and intimate feelings, “Palo Santo” demands attention of the rare moments of being in sync with another being, “where the rest of the world disappears, and it’s just you and that person,” as she puts it. “It leaves you feeling like you’re in a sort of breathless vacuum. That moment, that intimacy, is what the song is about.”

The medicinal tree is often used as a remedial incense, burned to clear things such as headaches and symptoms of stress. Translated from Spanish, it means “holy wood.” The citrus scents of pine, mint, and lemon linger when lit. Amanda’s songwriting in this tune lingers as such, memorializing the feelings of being so knowing and intimate with someone that the feelings linger, too, even long after the flames in that relationship may burn out.

Stream the new single HERE!

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