Alyssa Grace Defies Stereotypes With Her New Single “What’s A Girl To You”

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13 year old Alyssa Grace is making huge moves as a young artist. Her first song “Breathe” had over 30K streams in the 1st month on Spotify (and she has almost 70k monthly listeners!) & 101K YouTube views. Now she’s back with “What’s A Girl To You,” an lyrically raw song exploring the weird ways in which a girl grows up in this society, including arbitrary expectations and breaking away from the “stereotypes of being feminine.”

The accompanying music video for the track brings me back to the good old days shopping with friends and long boarding around town so care free. With a sweet but strong voice and a modern country pop sound, Alyssa demonstrates her strength as an aspiring singer-songwriter and artist, proving to be a wonderful role model for embracing individuality.

There’s a scene in the video where she’s looking herself straight in the mirror and having these deep conversations with herself, that quite frankly everyone should be having: Be you! B true! She is mature beyond her years as she writes honest and articulate lyrics expressing the oddity of being raised a “girl” in society… “People always tell me what to wear and what makes me happy, but thank you, I think I can do that on my own… / What’s a girl to you? Pink sparkles and being true? Can we like the color blue, or would hat offend you?”

This song can easily be an anthem for all female listeners of any age. The music video ends with a blooper reel that is so fun and cute, skipping between scenes of her goofing around with the girls and and totally schooling the boys in soccer. Alyssa‘s squad rides away on their long boards into the sunset, cleverly paying an homage to the viral TikTok video of a man cruising on his long board, sipping on ocean spray cranberry juice and vibing to Fleetwood Mac that almost everyone has seen at this point.

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