There have been plenty of unique acts in the music industry since its formation, just as there have been countless tie-ins and endorsements of products by affiliated artists. Yet no group in recent history has perhaps stood out or pursued music so uniquely as much as the hip-hop super-duo Run the Jewels — or RTJ to their fans. And with the launch of their new delivery site BaRTJ for their growing craft beer collaborations, Run the Jewels seem poised to stand out even more.

Rappers EL-P and Killer Mike were already big names in the hip-hop genre by the time they were introduced to one another in 2011, joining forces two years later. Unlike their past productions or solo work, though, each of Run the Jewels’ albums have been released for free online — and have since seen their numerous tracks used in countless movie trailers, TV shows and Adult Swim and Toonami spots. With their unconventional team-up and path to success, it’s no wonder then that Run the Jewels has ventured into all sorts of avenues aside from music — the latest of which is their craft beer collaboration with the likes of Brooklyn Brewery, Spaceway Brewing and Collective Arts. As EL-P says of their first collaboration in this new sphere:

On our unexpected journey into the craft of brewing, we’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing community of artists & enthusiasts from all over the world, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new collaboration with the good people at Brooklyn Brewery. From the moment we talked to them, it was clear that they truly care about what they are doing and they really get where we are coming from. This one is going to be special.”

Not only have Run the Jewels created 30+ impeccable craft beers, including 36″ Chain, Get It and All My Life — they’ve also launched a national delivery service to make sure fans can get ahold of any of their libation collabs. The site, BaRTJ, currently delivers to 45 states and features an array of Run the Jewels’ craft beers, alongside other fan-wise products like hoodies and glassware. What’s more, a portion of the proceeds from their collaborations will go back to the local communities where the drinks are made. Run the Jewels even has plans for global collaboration in the craft beer sphere, showing the group’s constant commitment to thinking outside the box.

Run the Jewels may deservedly be an exceptional duo for their music alone, but with their team-ups in the world of craft beer and their consistent aim to support communities that need it the most, they’ve secured their place in stardom as one of the most refreshing, genuine acts in the business — and with BaRTJ, their ability to do good will only continue to grow. You can buy products from BaRTJ here — and stay tuned for more info about Run the Jewels’ craft beer collaborations soon!

36″ Chain from Brooklyn Brewery

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