All Hail “Prince V”

Photo Credits: Hannah Cohen

Highlighting mania in the wake of his father’s death, Loren Berí’s “Prince V” showcases close-to-home lyrics that fixate humorously on buying a thirty-five-foot school bus. With ambitions to tour the country with a non-existent band and relocate to Brooklyn, Berí’s synth-pop take is as ambitious as it is insane. Currently out now, here’s an inside look at the fantastic attributes inside the single.

Writing this song was cathartic for me because it helped me process my own stupidity and delusion… in a period when I was resisting embracing change, and losing my grip on reality, I bought a full-length school bus and moved to New York. I used this as the basis of my character “Prince V,” within my songs’ alternate version of Brooklyn called Stray Cat Kingdom.

Photo Credits: Hannah Cohen

Effortlessly sweet, Berí’s singing meshes incredibly well with the seemingly endless amounts of synths added to the mix. Utilizing unique vocals compared to an upbeat Ian Curtis, Berí’s delivery provides optimism in the face of financial ruin. Vocal change-ups keep the single fresh and engaging with talking, traditional singing, and ASMR-like manipulations appearing throughout the track.

However, if you were to omit Beri’s unavoidable singing, you would get a masterclass in synth augmentation. Accompanying the sarcastic hook, “poor little rich boy going broke in the rain / Rolling stone, more like a blown-out flame,” effervescent synths twinkle over the lyrics while a pulsating bass drum beat brings the single forward. Creating atmosphere while also leaving space in the tune, synth riffs such as at 0:35 of the song swim wonderfully toward your ears. Nonetheless, I guarantee you that this banger will be a staple in the synth-pop genre ten years from now.

Video credit: Loren Berí Official YouTube Channel

With Prince V featuring ITAMAR out now, stay tuned to Glasse Factory when Berí’s debut ep STRAY CAT KINGDOM comes out June 22nd and pre-order here.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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