“Circles” Will Have You In Limbo

Photo Credits: Jared Rezel

After the release of the fantastic “What Can I Do?”, Singapore’s Biggest EDM export, MYRNE is back with the new single, “Circles.” Captivating lack of growth in the lyrics because of the pandemic, the artist focuses on overcoming his sorrows and coming out revitalized. Filled with amazing textures and fantastic all-around production, here are some key positives about the track.

From the very start, an enchanting synth is brought to our attention before being interrupted by MYRNE’s trademark voice. The artist’s line, “It’s like we’re going in circles,” plays on repeat and remains in limbo before the lyrical change-up at the bridge. While the lyrics stay in purgatory, variation is far from gone, as voice manipulation at the drop creates an incoherent yet insanely catchy hook.

Photo Credit: Jared Rezel

Something that you don’t really notice about a hamburger is the bun. You don’t eat a hamburger because the bun is good, but if the bun is bad, like, you’d be like ‘that’s a bad hamburger.’ So for me – to me… the bun is what surrounds the song – something that’s not the vocals, not the drums, not the… percussion; it’s the things you can just barely hear. It’s-it’s like the background noise , it’s like maybe… the corner just tying everything up, so for me I like to start with the bun meaning I just drag a bunch of synths and give it a nice lush pad and then miraculously everything sounds good on top of that.

MYRNE – Interviewing with THE BUZZ

By capturing organic sounds while walking around his native Singapore, the songs found on Circles, including the titular track are given a “human touch” (MYRNE) when compared to other House music. A unique beat adds grit to the track while organic piano and other synth nuances provide atmosphere. Overall enchanting, much like “What Can I Do?“, you can listen to Circles here.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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