““Saints And Liars” is the earth drawing attention to our blind faith in religion, in a fictitious God, who in reality does nothing for us, while at the same time abusing and destroying the planet, which does everything for us.”

-gary numan

A philosophical naturalism that would’ve made empiricist David Hume proud. Gary Numan’s commentary, like the song itself, centered its argument around the grounds that humanity has misplaced its faith. That is to say, listeners should be reliant on their sensorial experiences with nature rather than fall back on an unproven divine power.

In doing so, Numan presented the planet as a tangible entity that has graciously hosted humans and life at large for billions of years. In light of consciousness leaps and bounds more advanced than the next species, Numan isolated the religious community for devotion to its respective deities without respect for their alleged creations. 

In this third released track off his upcoming album Intruder, Numan’s spotlight on their hypocritical actions was alluded to right from the opening lines.

“Can you see your fallen God? He’s standing next to me far from home, Can you hear your broken promises? I am what you’ve been waiting for…”

-gary numan

Back to that common theme of a savior, especially among Abrahamic religions, he believed they failed to account for who would greet them in death. Numan would ask listeners, on behalf of Earth, to preserve their final resting place. An appeal to the selfish who may not have factored in their descendants’ livelihoods when practicing what they claimed to have preached.

Gary Numan Track Photo
Gary Numan via MixedMediaWorks

Streaming on all major platforms, including YouTube, “Saints And Liars” would interest listeners who like the interplay of bleak and beautiful. Those who prefer their mechanically intense industrial beats peppered with a variety of synths. The trained ear might even hear well-textured backing vocals from Numan’s kindred electronica spirit–Gazelle Twin.

“Saints And Liars” via Gary Numan

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