aldn’s debut EP, “greenhouse”, is breaking boundaries within the most inventive music communities. With gritty, colorful synthesized textures, pop-punk and trap influences, and relatable, intimate lyrics, aldn states that “Each song gets its own special attention and dedication just like a plant would.”  A result of two years in the making, all seven tracks on “greenhouse” leave an impact on the contemporary music community.

With a comforting, music-box piano melody, oscillating trap bass, and hyper pitched vocals, “happy ever after”, featuring midwxst, sets the tone for each song to follow. Despite the uplifting, lighthearted synthesizer, aldn reflects on darker concepts throughout each verse, remarking “​​I wish that I was perfect, happy ever after”. Though the musician keeps the opening song more energetic than introspective, these lyrics musing over a “happy ever after” foreshadow the themes present in the next six songs. 

As the first track fades into the second, themes of mental health and relationships, as seen in “happy ever after”, are continued into “i’m alright”. With an expressive acoustic guitar riff opening the melody, aldn questions “How could I help you / Can’t even help myself”. The young musician’s distorted vocals work in contrast with his painfully direct, realistic lyrics that relate to anyone who has watched their relationships slowly fall apart. 

“I’ll take you to the center of the universe / Make you wanna feel alive / Cherish every moment / Know that very soon we’re gonna die”


Taking a step outside of his own perspective, aldn’s third track “2ppl” tells the story of two people who “walk the same road, but [will] never walk the same street”. With vocals that fluctuate in tonality and pitch, a pop-influenced intro,  and guitar that distorts between acoustic and electric, “2ppl” discusses an all-too-common situation where one person loves another person, but it just doesn’t work out. 

Bleeding into the heart of the EP, aldn’s forth song “glittr” mimics the sounds of hyperpop angels with high pitched, reverbing vocals. As if to exemplify what glitter would sound like if it were a sound, the young musician mixes heavy bass with layered synthesizer. While proclaiming “I like being alone; I don’t know why”, aldn discusses the pressures that come with being in a relationship and, ultimately, casts stress and toxicity over serious relationships. 

Seemingly melting synthesizer transitions into the next song, where aldn continues to explore themes of both passion and pain in “precious”. With hyperpop vocals and an organ-like bass keeping rhythm, the young musician states “I hope you know that you are precious to me / I ******* hate the new me”. While aldn’s verse often discusses relationship troubles, his lyrics almost always understand these issues in relation to himself. This juxtaposition between the relationship and the self is evident throughout all of “greenhouse”, and grows even stronger in aldn’s last two songs. 

“dog eat dog”, featuring renforshort, and “what was the last thing u said”, featuring glaive, work together to create a finale for aldn’s emotional, innovative, hyperpop EP “greenhouse”. With synthesizer that can be described best as a magical flute, mimicking chord progressions heard in classic video games such as Super Mario Bros, aldn reflects on leaving a relationship that has become toxic overtime. With distorted vocals, a classical drum beat, and heavy electric guitar, “dog eat dog” covers anger and grief where a relationship once stood.

With a similar reflective energy, “what was the last thing u said” continues the conversation of past relationships, asking if the relationship was real, if the love will ever truly go away, and if looking in the past will cause greater pain. Executed with hyperpop vocals, video-game flute, layered synth melodies, organ-toned bass, and disruptive, glitch-styled cuts, “what was the last thing u said” diffuses a palette of sounds together that show off aldn’s avant-garde production style. While still maintaining and concluding themes of relationships, mental health, and time, aldn’s final track is able to end with energy that suggests his musical career is just getting started. 

“I don’t miss the shit that we been through / But now I’m stuck with this / Try not to reminisce or I think I’ll start to miss you”


aldn’s debut EP “greenhouse” takes risks that propel his music to the charts of the emerging hyperpop community. With pop-punk, trap, and singer-songwriter influences, this seven single record challenges our beliefs surrounding relationship toxicity, mental health, isolation, reflection, and self worth. The intentional, experimental production design of each song sets aldn’s EP “greenhouse” apart from emerging artists, creating a distinctive sound that is bound to grow wildly successful in the coming years. To hear more from aldn, you can find his music on popular Spotify playlists such as Lorem, Hyperpop, New Music Friday, Bedroom Pop, and Fuzzy.

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