Ainsley Farrell’s “Buffet” Is An Atmospheric Mouthful

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Hailing from the U.S. yet based in Sydney, Ainsley Farrell has made a name across Australia through musical feats such as 2017’s EP “Dark Hours” and 2018’s single Walls. Continuously pushing boundaries within her genre, the artist has earned the right to be named among contemporaries such as Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. Evocative and powerful, everything about Farrell’s newest single, “Buffet,” provokes intrigue and introspection with each listen. As a slow-burn, grungy pop anthem, the track is based on a personal experience with a creepy old man. Bearing her soul through thought-provoking lyricism and captivating instrumentals, here is an inside look into “Buffet”.

This song came from a place of feeling angry, powerless, and minimized after a few different experiences where men thought they could violate my space and then just go about their day. The main experience the song touches on is when an old man hit on me at a buffet by comparing me to the food. I made excuses for the men who inappropriately hit on me, groped me, and shoved me. Singing this song helps me take back my power and stand up to them when I wasn’t able to at the time.

Ainsley Farrell on “Buffet”

Starting simple at the intro while taking its time to build up tension, crunchy chords, bass, and a steady beat appear isolated in the mix before being interrupted by Farrell’s breathtaking voice. A descending tremolo-rich guitar riff soon comes into play, adding more color to the production while also complementing the singer’s tender vocals. Instead of simply being “there”, the singing within “Buffet” finds interesting melodies, especially at each chorus that phrase phenomenally with all components of the tune.

Photo Credits: Tom Stephens

I feel so uneasy
Walk another way
Making up excuses
For a man of your old age

“Buffet” Lyrics – Ainsley Farrell

The contrast between distorted chords and jangly riffs also blend to create a cohesive, shoegaze environment, deviating from the muddied nature of the genre in favor of rich texture and warmth. Alterations subtly found within the play style of the guitar varies to provide both massive sound at the choruses and quiet longing at each verse. Placing the audience in another world, the dreamy bridge transitions to a grand finale of sound after Farrell’s last vocal line comes to completion. This collage of ambiance moves like sweet nothings, appearing aimless, yet perhaps the most significant achievement the single was able to carry forward.

Video Credit: Ainsley Farrell Official YouTube Channel

Packaged in fantastic production value, this fresh rock anthem is full of nuance best clarified with a listen. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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