Ahbril’s ‘My Favourite Game (The Cardigans Cover) Is A Blast From The Past And A Feast For The Senses

Games are typically fun and exciting in nature. They give us that jolt of energy to spice up our lives as well as exercise our competitive spirit. But this all takes a dark turn when the heart is the one being played with instead (Tsk tsk). All of a sudden it’s no longer a joyfully experience, rather a painful ordeal that you’d rather forget.

This nightmare of a feeling is expertly captured in Ahbril’s latest single “My Favourite Game (The Cardigans Cover)”. Released last November 29th, it’s a confrontation from a lover in a one sided love affair. The concerns are real with a touch of poeticism such as “You rip me up and spread me all around. In the dust of the deed of time” and “It’s fine the way you want me on your own. But in the end it’s always me alone.”. It’s an outpouring of emotions that’s been brewing inside for a long time. A volcano that’s been wanting to explode and yet no one seems to listen. Not because they’re deaf, rather the care and the love that was once there has flown away. “I’’m losing my baby. Losing my favorite game.”.

As for the track itself, while it’s a cover of the 1998 hit from 90s Swedish group The Cardigans entitled “My Favourite Game”. Ahbril manages to give it brand new life through their amazing instrumentals, vocals and the slightly faster tempo. It’s a striking opposite to the calm and nonchalant vibe the original possesses. Not to mention the hard hitting percussions accompanying us throughout as if simulating a heart that’s aching and racing. Allowing us to delve deeper, seeing through the words clearer and into the psyche of the person singing. It’s a true testament that Ahbril knows what they’re doing and they’re a force to be reckoned with.

So if you’re looking for a tune to carry you through the heaviest of times or simply one to rock out to, then Ahbril’s “My Favourite Game (The Cardigans Cover) is for you. It’s a fun romp through memory lane for those familiar with it and at the same time a crude wake up call that love isn’t always as fair as we dream it to be.

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Stay warm and toasty friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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