For all the many elements that can be added to songs these days, it’s often the simplest ones that are initially unassuming that can leave one with the biggest impact — and a few tears along the way. With “Sunflowers,” the newest single from singer-songwriter Amber Westerman, listeners can be sure to hear a masterwork in lyrical and musical prowess. Westerman’s pure vocals shine through the song, complemented beautifully by the melodic guitar arrangement. There’s elements of Nick Drake and an essence of Eva Cassidy meets Colbie Caille in this simple yet incredibly powerful track, full of emotive lyrics about going after one’s dreams no matter how long it takes: “Well, I’ve got a field of sunflowers / Waiting for me on the other side / This road could be winding on for hours  / Still, I’ll get there just in time / Yes, I’ll get there just in time.” Yet while the song was originally conceived back in 2019 and was an anthem for Westerman herself to not give up on music, the song took an unexpected meaning when her grandfather, always encouraging to her career, passed away this year. As Westerman says about the meaning os “Sunflowers” to her now:

“As hard as it is to lose him, I am grateful that he is out of pain and in a better place. He created an entirely new meaning to ‘Sunflowers’ for me, so I decided to record and release this song as a tribute to him. When I sing it, I feel like the lyrics are him speaking to me, continuing to encourage me. It makes me feel so special to have him with me, guiding my every step of the way. I feel his support now more than ever before with my music pursuits. I feel him every moment I am creating or performing my music, and I feel so lucky for that.”

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