On “daysSince,” San Diego’s thomTide showcases how an artist can evoke a season with a sound. While there is a visual element to the project (courtesy of Dominique Mills), the sounds created by Lee Rutledge show the end of the winter and the hope that comes with spring. Sonically, the song is reminiscent of the early work of The Neighbourhood. Rutledge and Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford have similar vocal stylings, and when the drums come in on “daysSince,” the song sounds like it could have lived on The Neighbourhood’s debut album, I Love You.

“daysSince” – thomTIDE

According to Rutledge, “After spending too much time in my head, it gets a bit hazy, and I open my eyes to the incredible moment right in front of me. ‘daysSince’ as a whole is about living in the present moment – the space in the middle between your memory of the past and your imagination of the future.” This makes sense for the project they are working on. While most listeners would consider a full-length project to be akin to a movie, thomTide is releasing singles bi-weekly to be sort of a “TV show” of music going through the seasons.

This concept has not been short-lived, either. One look at thomTide’s Spotify profile shows that they have more than enough content to continue this “TV series” framework. The artwork by Dominique Mills helps ground the listener in their emotions while Rutledge’s music goes into the specifics in such a way that it doesn’t pound the listener over the head, but it does elicit a specific emotion. What that emotion is depends on the listener.

If you have a half hour to spare in your listening, be sure to give the full series a shot! thomTide has compiled all of the singles into one Spotify playlist to make it easy to find. Leave your opinions in the comments!

thomTide’s complete playlist of all his songs as they transition through the seasons.

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