A New World Waits In The Domi’s ‘Everything’s Blue’

The color blue is commonly associated with being sad, hence the term ‘feeling blue’. It’s origin can be traced back in the 1300s and often times attributed to author Geoffrey Chaucer. Since then with science and culture taking over. It still remains a visual representation of feeling melancholy. While it could also be used to convey being a ‘boy’ or ‘male’, nothing tops the later idea (by a long shot).

But like the deep blue sea in a warm sunny day, artists are making waves and adding a whole new meaning to it. The latest one to do it is singer/ songwriter Dominique Lemaire aka The Domi with his latest song ‘Everything’s Blue’. Released March 6th in all streaming platforms, this track gives blue this restful aura while still talking about heartaches caused by love. Instead of being depressed or having this rush of pain set in, a weird calm sets in – a soft smile escapes your lips even. It’s the blue sky, blue waters touching your feet as you walk across the shoreline that’s doing this. Perhaps it’s also the fact that you’ve come to realize that love is imperfect, no matter what. So you roll with its punches and navigate it accordingly.

As much as The Domi’s ‘Everything’s Blue’ provides us a safe haven to rest our heads musically in this ethereal seascape. It also reminds us with its soothing vocals, instrumentals and it’s dreamy vibes that perception is key. With the right words, imagination and fresh perspective of life you can draw out something incredibly special. In that same vein, The Domi sets an example for us audiences to drown the external noises and do some exploring. To set out on an odyssey in search for a brand new approach to the lives we live. Unshackle one by one the things that burden us, and instead choose clarity.

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Spring has spring! Good day friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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