Everyone should strive for positive and maturity in every situation, but sometimes there really is nothing left to say to someone who just sucks than to wish them a bad day. 21-year-old, up-and-coming hip-hop artist Justus Bennetts has written an anthem for this sentiment; these feelings still exist even if we try to rise above them. “Bad Day” is for all the people who suck and need to get a grip.

Official Lyric Video for “Bad Day” by Justus Bennetts

Witty, relatable wordplay over a groovy beat makes for one catchy tune. Bennetts doesn’t sugar coat the lyrics at all: “I hope you go broke and your iPhone breaks, and your ex shows up at your next first date, and your car gets towed so you show up late to your sh*tty a* job. Hope you have a bad day.” It’s pretty obvious what he’s trying to say, and I feel bad for whoever this song is about!

“Whether it be someone we had an altercation with in the elevator or the ex that did us dirty, this song is meant to represent anyone the listener puts in that space. I wanted to cultivate a whole listening experience that invites the listeners into what we have created.”

Justus Bennetts

The track has gone viral, amassing nearly 20 million views across social media platforms. Trending as a popular song on TikTok and Instagram Reels. A lot of people have been sharing it with the sentiment, “This is for a few people specifically, but if this song resonates with you, then you know you got some work to do to be better!” Otherwise, they’re taking their own spins on the narrative or simply using it as background music.

Bad Day” is energetic and falls somewhere between pop rock and conscious hip-hop. Other buzz singles of Bennetts’ include “Real Life Sux”, “Nightstand”, and “Insomniac”, all having gained recognition through social media or streaming platforms, and chart placements. Look out for Bennetts’ forthcoming debut EP in the coming months!

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