Summer tours are a “thing” these days and when those summer tours come to Texas IN. THE. SUMMER., only the real hardcore fans are willing to brave the heat… and 311 fans seem just fine with that because today is one of the hottest days of summer so far at a 107 heat index.

Delivering a full lineup of feel-good So-Cal bands, the bill included Bikini Trill, Dreamers, The Interrupters and co-headliners Dirty Heads.

With a new album “Super Moon” dropping the day after this show (August 9th), Dirty Heads are clearly excited to perform their new material including their summer anthem “Lift Me Up”. This being their 7th album over their 16-year career, the band’s live show proves they are not new to this. With 10 FT high risers for three of the band members that double as visual-displays, the stage production was a clear indicator that is in-fact a co-headlining tour and Dirty Heads had no intention of letting the heat get in the way of priming the crowd for 311.

Some fans of 311 go way back to the 90s when the band first came on the scene with their hybrid reggae/rock and hip-hop sound and others may have onboarded sometime in the 21st century. For those that were there from the beginning, 311 makes sure you know you’re at the right concert right off the bat by coming out with “Beautiful Disaster”, an “OG” fan favorite off the album “Transistor” followed by two consecutive tracks from the “Blue” album “All Mixed Up” and “Don’t Stay Home”.

With 13 albums to their credit, you’d think putting together a setlist that will please all your fans might be difficult but in fact, that is not the case with this band. 311 is one of those bands that didn’t just have a good single or two on each album. Their albums are filled front to back with solid tracks and the audience seems relaxed in knowing that the band can pull from any of those albums and the show is going to please.

The band seemed to want to celebrate and acknowledge the track that really catapulted them into the mainstream by closing out the show with their arguably most well-known track “Down”.  311 continues to be a rock-solid live band and there’s no doubt that it’s still fun for them after over 25 years.


Photos and Review by Hunter Levy

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