The candles are lit and the lights are dimmed – it’s time to start writing the first episode of Exhibit&Friends. This is a series that showcases unique creatives of all sorts, colors, and sizes. For this episode, we have a nice slew of creatives based in SoCal.

In one corner is Davonti, a model and a master of style. He recently had the accomplishment of being featured on Vogue and Hypebeast. In the other corner is his good friend Eyenzsi, a creative director that expresses herself through many different creative outlets. Skilled in music, fashion design, and photography, she recently added “model” to the list by appearing in Vogue and Hypebeast with Davonti_.

Last but certainly not least in the next corner (it is a triangle) is rapper Gladstone B coming out of, again, Los Angeles. ½ of B%, a music duo, Gladstone B speaks his life into his music and portrays the hardships of growing up in his area.



Lets start with Davonti the model based out in Los Angeles. I can’t tell you how I discovered him. It’s nebulous. I just know I was blown away by the content this guy puts out. When I said master of style I meant it. This dude really has an eye for not just clothing, but also how to portray it best with his surroundings. During our interview, Davonti was spitting out different brands like a rapper. His feed showcases this, but also showcases the high profile image of a model.

One thing Davonti mentioned often was the love he has for his family. The majority of the stories he told actually had something to do with his family. Combining this with his visionary mentality is what seems to set him apart from others even in his own field. Davonti talked about many family stories such as when he attempted to spray paint his hair blue before dying it. Although this approach failed terribly, it lead to his recognizable dyed hair look. The dyed hair stuck, and eventually became the inspiration behind many of his fits.

Next is the creative director and good friend of Davonti: Eyenzsi. Eyenzsi is the human embodiment of “keep it real”. After all, some of her influences are Missy Elliott and Amber London. After just a few minutes of talking with her, I was painted a picture of someone that keeps a relaxed composure at all times, but also knows how to control a team to create some impressive visuals.

The creative director also has experience with creating fashion, music, modeling, and photography. What stands out most is her can-do attitude. Eyenzsi has started most of her crafts just by throwing herself in there. However, each one of these crafts has evolved into something more impressive than the last. Eyenzsi is a force to be reckoned with and someone you want on your team. She also mentioned she wants you to protect the planet. That may seem random – but it’s facts, isn’t it? Also she said experience the world without your phone. I’m just the messenger here but idontknowmaybetryitsometime.

Finally we have Gladstone B – the rapper based out of Los Angeles. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gladstone B since I first moved to LA. My cousin introduced us at an unidentified location on an undisclosed time. After that meeting I got to check him out in the studio and hear his sound for the first time. I also got to see his creative process when promoting his brand, which consists of pages on top of pages of notes containing press contacts, ideas, timelines, and whatever else he could think of for his career.

Rapping for Gladstone B is his way of expressing himself, and also his way of making it out of the rough environment he grew up in. Gladstone B has been in and out of jail twice now, both times being released back into the same area he was trying to escape from. He has turned to music as an outlet to express himself creatively, but also raise awareness of the many others that are stuck in similar situations he is in.

My name is actually not Exhibit, it’s Gabriel. But this is Exhibit&Friends, and you just read through the first episode. That’s not all though. I’m also going to let you view several different clips of all the interviews mashed together into one video. If you want to that is. You read through this whole thing so I don’t see why you wouldn’t. SO, here it is:

Wait no, shameless plug first. If you want to check these creatives out then here they are:





And back to the video:

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