Thursday night April 25, Austin’s popular venue Emo’s crowed with anticipating music lovers and

dancers. Await a chance to fall into the French multi-instrumentalist, FKJ, also known as French

Kiwi Juice. Opening the show is Canadian rapper Lou Phelps. He enters the minimal stage with

ease ready to set the mood for the night. He includes the audience by encouraging them to chant

along to every song. When “Come Inside” started to play, the audience swoon and grooved to

the chill bass and smooth loops, one of the highlights of Lou’s set.

An intermission came to place, and I could fully see the intricate set of FKJ. A clear piano was

on the right, incased and filled with neon light. Electric guitars and basses of all shapes and sizes

waited behind the looping pads, synths, and keyboards. It looked as if we stepped into the artists

personal studio. Truly a musical master’s playground. The lights went dim the room filled with a

wave of synth. To my surprise, three mesh screens lowered from the ceiling, and projectors

started to flash and flicker black and white images on the screens. FJK walked on to the stage,

his piano the only source of light as it glittered and pulsed. He began to play an intricate

improvisation, welcoming his audience to a night to dance and electronic soul. The venue was

filled to the brim by then -bodies clustered and groups danced in excitement.

I was blown away at FKJ’s talent and effortlessness. Each song was gracefully performed and

articulated with every instrument on the stage- obviously second nature to him. At one moment

he was playing the bass guitar and the next he pulled out a Saxophone and serenaded us with an

entire solo. This was the entire night, not one song disappointed. He also surprised us with some

new songs-which I can’t wait to be released soon. There was always something to look at and

listen to within the deep and layering nature of the performance. Definitely a night of

mesmerizing soundscape.

Photo Gallery

Photography by: Majesty Rich

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