Sunday evening brought to Pumpehuset a big group of a hard rock fans. The reason for that was an interesting pair of artist booked for the evening by Live Nation Danmark – a very interesting headliner from US – Nothing More, supported by also popular band from UK called Black Peaks.

The whole evening started at 8PM with the post rock Black Peaks. Band lead by Will Gardner, a vocalist with very characteristic mustache entered the stage lit with dark blue light and started their crazy show presenting a loud mixture of rock and shoegaze music. Will was getting very close with the fans, leaning out on the verge the stage and screaming out the lyrics in front of the fans faces. The energetic performance finished after 40 minutes when the preparation for the main start of the evening took over.

The preparation of the stage this time was no limited only by replacement of the drum kit and amplifiers, but the tech guys servicing Nothing More set up an interesting construction just next to the drum kit. The whole secret was revealed when the band finally entered the stage shortly after 9PM. Gig started with the bands vocalist Jonny Hawkins climbing the ladder which was part of this installation and started to run the crank alarm siren breaking the ambient noise of the fans chattering. This was really a signal starting the fire – both on stage as amongst the fans. Band started in accordance with the mood with ‘Let ‘em Burn’ and the party started. Barefoot Jonny Hawkins was returning the energy received from the crowd song after song, quickly removing his t-shirt, playing special drum and later transforming the ladder-drum construction into strange music device elevated few meters above the stage. The whole show was closed with two cover songs – Skrillex ‘First of the Year’ mixed with Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Nothing more delivered a lot of good energy during their set, and the band proved that label of amazing performers was not attached to them by mistake. 

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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