Battle Beast is a power metal group from Finland. To promote their new record ‘No More Hollywood Endings’ this melodic metal group stopped by in Copenhagen to play the show organized by Live Nation Denmark in local venue Pumpehuset.

The venue welcomed the metal fans with a rock sounds coming from the stage located in front of the entrance – this is something Pumpehuset organize every summer for few years now – free summer concerts what is a quite cool set up where you can grab a beer, relax and listen to music while waiting for the concert.

The show inside of the club started at 9PM with the first Finnish metal act called Arion. Guys were doing their best to start the fire, but the audience was not there yet – the invitation to sing together with the band was returned with only few voices from the crowd. Band vocalist – Lassi Vääränen – received much better reaction later in the show when he asked fans before one of the slower ballad songs to use the light on their phone like the lighters in 80’s and 90’s. The show was closed after 40 minutes with the introduction to the main act of the evening – ‘the best heavy metal band in the world – Battle Beast’ as announced by Lassi shortly before the final song.

Few minutes after ten we have had a chance to verify the statement of Arion’s leader – Battle Beast was ready to start their show what was announced by smoke machines throwing the clouds of white smoke up to the air and the mixture of intensive lights breaking the darkness in the venue. At that time the band started to show up on the stage, one by one entering the stage in the point illumination, starting with the drummer Pyry Vikki and finishing with the band vocalist Noora Louhimo. Noora for that night had a hair styled into two huge horns which together with an additional sparkling element plaited into her hair created a crown decorating the central character of the night. Band started with one of the new tracks ’Unbroken’ and the whole metal train started the run. Fans were headbanging and singing the chorus parts together with the band throughout the rest of the evening. Band was pushing the tempo with the explosions of smoke and lasers on the both sides of the stage.  Interesting moment during the show was when one of the tracks started with a song from the Disney’s Aladdin – ‘A Whole New World’ – apparently this was not a big surprise for the band enthusiasts.

Band provided the perfect summary for their show playing the tape with a Top Gun anthem when they were leaving the stage – it was a nice and funny flight with this Finnish metal beast.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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