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Ever since Dopapod announced their return from hiatus marked by a Capitol Theatre play on April 27th, 2019, fans have been wondering if new music was on the horizon. Earlier this week that suspicion was confirmed with the band’s release of “Numbers Need Humans,” the first single from their upcoming record, Emit Time, due out May 24th, 2019. As of today, “Numbers Need Humans” is available everywhere digitally, including iTunes and Spotify

Additionally, the band has debuted a studio video from the recording of “Number Need Humans,” which can be watched here:

“We had a blast making Emit Time,” keyboardist Eli Winderman fondly shares. “Our first priority after getting the band back together was to spend time developing some new music that we each worked on individually throughout the year.”

After recording sessions in Denver and Philadelphia, Dopapod had new songs in hand, ready to mix. “It felt so great to come back to the band with a renewed perspective around the whole thing,” continues Winderman. “Musically, it feels like we got back in touch with some of our original influences while still directing our sights forward to where the sound of the band is evolving.” 

“The attitude [in Colorado] was great, and vibes were high during the multiple recording sessions for the record, adds bassist Chuck Jones. “I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, we are very proud of and confident that this new album represents where Dopapod is now. Music is tight and hopefully, this release of some new and some old Dopapod music will be entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.”

The writing process for Emit Time differed from Dopapod’s past efforts because each member brought songs into the sessions they had individually worked on during the hiatus, creating a more collaborative writing environment. In addition, lyrics were a group effort for the first time.

“The album feels like a truly honest representation of us as a band at this point in time,” Winderman elaborates. “The song selections are a combination of music freshly developed after our hiatus and selections from our repertoire that we hadn’t released yet.”

In true Dopapod fashion, the album’s title, Emit Time continues their theme of palindromic titles, but also represents the band giving, creating and emitting themselves time away to gain a greater perspective. 

“Interestingly, we had been developing a semi-concept album about time and time travel before the hiatus,” says Winderman. “It all came full circle when we combined the music we wrote after the break with the material already written.”

Drummer, Neal “Fro” Evans, enthusiastically adds, “Can’t wait to share this new record with the world. My hair curls right up just thinking about it! Compositionally, I think it represents a wonderful shift in the band and our outlook on things, keeping with our roots and moving forward and being efficient and (hopefully) smarter. Enjoy!”

Earlier this week, guitarist Rob Compa shared a detailed description of his guitar techniques employed on “Numbers Need Humans” with Guitar World Magazine, and that piece can be read here.

Tickets are moving fast but there are still a few available for their return to the stage on April 27th at The Capitol So far, this is their only scheduled live apperance for 2019.

 Photo by Ben Wong

Photo by Ben Wong

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